PhD in Prague (Evolutionary and ecological significance of apomictic reproduction in vascular plants)

PhD position on Evolutionary and ecological significance of apomictic reproduction in vascular plants available at the Department of Botany, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

Project description
Asexually reproducing organisms (i.e. agamosperms producing seeds without meiosis) are considered to be
less adaptive than their sexually reproducing counterparts as they are constrained by reduced genetic
variation. Nevertheless, it has been observed that many clonal agamospermic species are able to occupy
larger ranges than their sexual relatives, a pattern which is called ‘geographical parthenogenesis’. Various
hypotheses (e.g. superior colonization capacity through uniparental reproduction, metapopulation
hypothesis, more efficient niche exploitation) have been proposed to explain such patterns but with a limited
evidence for any of them mostly due to a few empirical studies. The aim of the PhD project is to test these
hypotheses using straightforward combination of observational (seed set and ecological preferences
assessment along the latitudinal transect in Europe), experimental (plasticity and inbreeding depression
experiment), cytological (flow cytometry seed screening), embryological (in collaboration with the University
in Göttingen, Germany), molecular (epigenetic methylation) and modeling approaches (spatial distributional
models combining with phylogeographical data, in close collaboration with the University of Lausanne,
Switzerland). Diploid sexual and autotriploid asexual Hieracium alpinum (Asteraceae) will be used as a
model system.


Dear friends and colleagues

I am delighted to announce the second international conference on Spatial Ecology & Conservation (SEC2) that will take place at Birmingham University (UK) 17-20 June 2014. Please see the conference website ( ). The committee is now calling for abstracts for oral presentations and posters covering the six core conference themes:

Advances in mapping and analysing terrestrial and marine systems
Understanding species’ distributions
Training and professional development

Konference CZ-IALE 2014

Náplň a poslání konference: Cílem konference je představit současné výzkumy zabývající se studiem změn krajiny nejen v České republice, diskutovat nad aktuálními trendy vývoje, hodnotit dopady na přírodní i sociální systémy a rozšířit stávající mezioborovou spolupráci. Dopolední blok konference bude věnován vyžádaným řečníkům, odpoledne pak zazní přihlášené referáty v rámci tematicky volnějších bloků.

Termín konference:
30. ledna 2014

Deadline na abstrakty: 10.1.2014 !!!

PhD position in plant ecology and epigenetics

We are looking for an enthusiastic PhD student interested in plant ecology with
special interest in epigenetics. In the three year project “Stress induced memory in
clonal plants” we will investigate the role of environmental stress on induction of
transgenerational effects in clonal plants and the role of transgenerational effects in
adaptation of clonal plants to new environments. The successful applicant will focus
on the role of epigenetic variation in the observed transgenerational effects and will

Doctoral (PhD) Studentship in Tropical Ecology

Doctoral (PhD) Studentship in Tropical Ecology

Novotny Lab, Biology Centre of the Academy of Sciences & University of
South Bohemia, the Czech Republic

We are seeking a highly motivated postgraduate student to join our
international team studying tropical plant-insect food webs. The
successful applicant will have strong background in entomology, botany,
community ecology, molecular ecology, phylogenetic analysis and/or
biostatistics. He/she will be supervised by Vojtech Novotny and expected
to develop a research programme on community ecology of insect-plant

Kurz polární ekologie

Jihočeská univerzita vyhlašuje nový ročník kurzu polární ekologie. Na následujícím odkazu naleznete informační leták:

případně anglická verze:

Deadline pro přihlášky je tentokrát 10. ledna 2014!!!

Centrum polární ekologie, JU České Budějovice

Popbio 2014 in Konstanz

27th Conference of the Plant Population Biology Section (PopBio) of the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (GfÖ) will be held in Konstanz from 29th to 31st May 2014.

Everything you need to know is on

Online registration opens 6 January, 2014
Online abstract submission opens 6 January, 2014
Deadline for abstract submission 7 April, 2014
Notification of abstract acceptance after 14 April, 2014
Deadline for registration with regular fees 21 April, 2014

PhD positions at Tübingen and Konstanz (invasion ecology)

Attached are two offers for PhD positions in plant invasion ecology, one in the group of Mark van Kleunen at the University of Konstanz and the other one in Oliver Bossdorf group at the University of Tübingen. Both projects are about testing the potential invasiveness of ornamental plants under climate change. The two projects are connected because they are part of a larger European project, the BiodivERsA project "WhoIsNext – Climate change and escaping ornamentals: predicting the next generation of European plant invaders" which will start in the spring.

2 PhD positions for conservation biologists/restoration ecologists in Bern

There are 2 PhD positions opening to work on grassland management and biodiversity restoration at the University of Bern in Switzerland. More in attached PDF.

Application deadline is November 15th, 2013. Interviews of pre-selected
candidates will take place in Bern on Monday December 2nd, 2013

PhD positions at Tübingen, Uppsala and Basel

PhD positions in plant ecology:

1. a position on vegetation-hydrology modelling at the University of Tübingen
2. a position on population & conservation biology of orchids at the University of Uppsala
3. a PhD position on land use change and biodiversity conservation at the University of Basel

The application deadline for the Tübingen position is already fairly close, but applications are still accepted.
For the Basel position, applications should be made on the homepage of the Zürich-Basel/Plant Science Center.

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