PhD in Israel on the True Rose of Jericho (desert ecology)

The plant community ecology lab. headed by Dr. Merav Seifan, in the Institutes for Desert Research in Ben-Gruion Univeristy, Sde Boker campus, Israel, is looking for a motivated and curious PhD student The study is part of a new German-Israeli collaboration project “Population- and community- level trait variability in changing arid environments” (with Dr. Katrin Meyer, Georg-August Univeristy Göttingen). The work will focus on field and garden experiments with the native annual plant Anastatica hierochuntica (the True Rose of Jericho) in relation to the plant spatiotemporal distribution. Within the project there will be opportunities to develop demographic models and to cooperate with the
German partners in the building of spatiotemporal simulation models.

PDF with requirements attached.

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