New paper on Arabidopsis arenosa published in Nature Ecology & Evolution

We found that the impacts of polyploidy on population genomic processes are subtle yet pervasive, such as reduced efficiency of purifying selection, differences in linked selection and rampant gene flow from diploids.

Monnahan, P., Kolář, F., Baduel, P., Sailer, C., Koch, J., Horvath, R., Laenen, B., Schmickl, R., Paajanen, P., Šrámková, G., Bohutínská, M., Arnold, B., Weismann, C., Marhold, K., Slotte, T., Bomblies, K. & Yant, L., 2019: Pervasive population genomic consequences of genome duplication in Arabidopsis arenosa. – Nature Ecology & Evolution 3: 457–468,

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