On this web we use cookies (cookies are little files saved into visitor’s computer to store settings, user identification, etc.) for

  1. authenticated users to store their credentials (only used when user is logging);
  2. testing users by Google reCAPTCHA (only used when user is commenting some content); and
  3. if you use AddThis share button (bottom right corner) to share the page using any of the service provided, respective 3rd party service will get know about it and its privacy policy will be applied.

In case you use any of the the above sharing and if you do not wish to be incorporated in anonymous visitor statistics, you have several options:

  1. Do not use the service.
  2. Some browsers (e.g. for Firefox see protection and privacy and security) have special functionality protecting privacy. Generally, recommended is disabling of setting of 3rd party cookies in your browser. Check capabilities of your browser.
  3. If your browser support add-ons (extensions, plugins), install plugins like Privacy Badger and/or uBlock. They are capable to block most of tracing tools, advertisement, etc.

In case of further question contact webmaster.