Filip Kolář

Department of Botany, Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague
& Department of Botany, University of Innsbruck, Austria

  • Benátská 2, 128 01, Praha 2, Czech Republic
  • Tel.: +420 221 95 1641
  • Fax: +420 221 95 1645
  • e-mail:

I am generally interested in evolution of vascular plant diversity in nature. By leveraging cytometrical, genetic, genomic and ecological tools in a synthetic way, my research focuses on evolutionary consequences of recent whole genome duplication (polyploidy) in natural populations. I also study adaptive response of plants to stressful environments such as specific edaphic (serpentine) and high-elevation habitats.

  • consequences of genome duplication in natural populations (Arabidopsis, Tripleurospermum, Knautia, Galium)
  • parallel adaptation to alpine environments (Arabidopsis)
  • ecology and evolution of serpentine flora (Arabidopsis, Knautia, Galium)
  • species radiation in tropical high Andes (Senecio, Loricaria)
  • floristics (South Bohemia)

Current projects

  • Parallel adaptations of plant model Arabidopsis arenosa to challenging environments more
  • Barriers and drivers of gene flow across ploidy barrier more
  • Demographic history inference, consequences of genome duplication and local adaptation of wild populations of Arabidopsis arenosa: Range-wide phylogeography, investigations into the evolution of alpine ecotypes and systematics of Arabidopsis arenosa based on interdisciplinary approach combining population genetic tools (RADseq, microsatellites), morphometry, flow cytometry and ecological experiments. (Funded in 2016-2018 by Czech Science Foundation (16-10809S) to K. Marhold)
  • Spatio-temporal dynamics of di-polyploid contact zones of an annual plant system: Distribution, habitat requirements, structure, and dynamics of populations from a highly dynamic diploid-tetraploid contact zone of a common annual weed Tripleurospermum inodorum (Funded in 2014-2016 by Czech Science Foundation project (14-18870S) to J. Suda and M. Čertner)

SCI Publications


  • Čertner M, Sudová R, Weiser M, Suda J, Kolář F # (2018): Ploidy-altered phenotype interacts with local environment and may enhance polyploid establishment in Knautia serpentinicola (Caprifoliaceae). – New Phytologist (accepted) (# corresponding author)
  • Knotek A, Kolář F # (2018): Different low-competition island habitats in Central Europe harbour similar levels of genetic diversity in relict populations of Galium pusillum agg. (Rubiaceae) - Biological Journal of the Linnean Society (accepted) (# corresponding author)
  • Baduel P, Bray S, Vallejo-Marin M, Kolář F, Yant L (2018): The ‘Polyploid Hop’: shifting challenges and opportunities over the evolutionary lifespan of genome duplications. – Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. doi: 10.3389/fevo.2018.00117.


  • Morales-Briones DF, Romoleroux K, Kolář F, Tank DC: Phylogeny and evolution of the neotropical radiation of Lachemilla (Rosaceae): uncovering a history of reticulate evolution and implications for infrageneric classification. – Systematic Botany 43: 17-34.
  • Fuxová G*, Záveská E*, Kolář F*, Lučanová M, Španiel S, Kolník M, Marhold K (2017): Range-wide genetic structure of plant model Arabidopsis halleri reveals survival in distinct central European refugia, colonization of Far East from Europe and independent origin of alpine ecotype. – Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 185: 321-342, *equal contribution link
  • Kolář F, Čertner M, Suda J, Schönswetter P, Husband B.C. (2017): Mixed-ploidy species: progress and opportunities in polyploid research. – Trends in Plant Science, 22:1041-1055. link
  • Dušková E, Sklenář P, Kolář F, Vásquez DLA, Romoleroux K, Fér T, Marhold K (2017): Growth form evolution and hybridization in Senecio (Asteraceae) from the high equatorial Andes. – Ecology and Evolution, ece3.3206 pdf_0.gif
  • Čertner M, Fenclová E, Kúr P, Kolář F, Koutecký P, Krahulcová A, Suda J (2017): Evolutionary dynamics of mixed-ploidy populations in an annual herb: dispersal, local persistence and recurrent origins of polyploids. – Annals of Botany, mcx032 pdf_0.gif
  • Kolář F, Dušková E, Sklenář P (2016): Niche shifts and range expansions along cordilleras drove diversification in a high-elevation endemic plant genus in the tropical Andes. – Molecular Ecology, 25: 4593-4610 link
  • Kolář F*, Fuxová G*, Záveská E*, Nagano AJ, Hyklová L, Lučanová M, Kudoh H, Marhold K (2016): Northern glacial refugia and altitudinal niche divergence shape genome-wide differentiation in the emerging plant model Arabidopsis arenosa. – Molecular Ecology, 25:3929-3949 , *equal contribution link
  • Kolář F, Kaplan Z, Suda J, Štech M (2015): Populations of Knautia from ecologically distinct refugia of the Hercynian massif resolved as two endemic species. – Preslia 87: 363–386. pdf_0.gif
  • Čertner M, Kolář F, Schönswetter P, Frajman B (2015): Does hybridization with a widespread congener threaten the long-term persistence of the Eastern Alpine rare local endemic Knautia carinthiaca? – Ecology and Evolution 5:4263-4276. pdf_0.gif
  • Martínková J, Klimešová J, Doležal J, Kolář F (2015): Root sprouting in Knautia arvensis (Dipsacaceae): effects of polyploidy, soil origin and nutrient availability. – Plant Ecology, 2016: 901-911.pdf_0.gif
  • Paule J, Kolář F, Dobeš C (2015): Arctic-alpine and serpentine differentiation in polyploid Potentilla crantzii (Rosaceae). – Preslia 87: 195–215. pdf_0.gif
  • Kolář F, Píšová S, Záveská E, Fér T, Weiser M, Ehrendorfer F, Suda J (2015): The origin of unique diversity in deglaciated areas: traces of Pleistocene processes in north-European endemics from the Galium pusillum polyploid complex (Rubiaceae). – Molecular Ecology, 24: 1311-1334. link
  • Kolář F, Lučanová M, Záveská E, Fuxová G, Mandáková T, Španiel S, Senko D, Svitok M, Kolník M, Gudžinskas Z, Marhold K (2015): Ecological segregation does not drive the intricate parapatric distribution of diploid and tetraploid cytotypes of the Arabidopsis arenosa group (Brassicaceae). – Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, doi 10.1111/bij.12479. link
  • Hohmann N, Schmickl R, Chiang T-Y, Lučanová M, Kolář F, Marhold K., Koch MA (2014): Taming the wild: resolving the gene pools of non-model Arabidopsis lineages. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 14: 224.pdf_0.gif
  • Hanušová K, Ekrt L, Vít P, Kolář F, Urfus T (2014): Continuous morphological variation correlated with genome size indicates frequent introgressive hybridization among Diphasiastrum species (Lycopodiaceae) in Central Europe – PLoS ONE 9: e99552. pdf_0.gif;
  • Hanzl M, Kolář F, Nováková D, Suda J (2014): Non-adaptive processes governing early stages of polyploid evolution: Insights from a primary contact zone of relict serpentine Knautia arvensis (Caprifoliaceae) – American Journal of Botany 101: 1-11. pdf_0.gif
  • Kolář F, Lučanová M, Koutecký P, Dortová M, Knotek A, Suda J (2014): Spatio-ecological segregation of di- and tetraploid cytotypes of Galium valdepilosum (Rubiaceae) in Central Europe. - Preslia 86: 155–178. pdf_0.gif
  • Otisková V, Koutecký T, Kolář F, Koutecký P (2014): Occurrence and habitat preferences of diploid and tetraploid cytotypes of Centaurea stoebe (Asteraceae) in the Czech Republic. - Preslia 86: 67-80.pdf_0.gif
  • Kolář F, Dortová M, Lepš J, Pouzar M, Krejčová A, Štech M (2014): Serpentine ecotypic differentiation in a polyploid plant complex: shared tolerance to Mg and Ni stress among di- and tetraploid serpentine populations of Knautia arvensis (Dipsacaceae). - Plant and Soil 374:435-447. pdf_0.gif
  • Kolář F, Lučanová M, Vít P, Urfus T, Chrtek J, Fér T, Ehrendorfer F, Suda J (2013): Diversity and endemism in deglaciated areas: Ploidy, relative genome size and niche differentiation in the Galium pusillum complex (Rubiaceae) in Northern and Central Europe. - Annals of Botany 111:1095-1108. pdf_0.gif
  • Kolář F, Fér T, Štech M, Trávníček P, Dušková E, Schönswetter P, Suda J (2012): Bringing together evolution on serpentine and polyploidy: spatiotemporal history of the diploid-tetraploid complex of Knautia arvensis (Dipsacaceae). - PLoS ONE 7: e39988. pdf_0.gif
  • Košnar J, Herbstová M, Kolář F, Koutecký P, Kučera J (2012): A case study of intragenomic ITS variation in bryophytes: assessment of gene flow and role of polyploidy in the origin of European taxa of the Tortula muralis (Pottiaceae, Musci) complex. - Taxon 61: 709-720. pdf_0.gif
  • Kolář F, Lučanová M, Těšitel J, Loureiro J, Suda J (2012): Glycerol-treated nuclear suspensions - an efficient preservation method for flow cytometric analysis of plant samples. - Chromosome Research 20: 303-315. pdf_0.gif
  • Dušková E, Kolář F, Sklenář P, Rauchová J, Kubešová M, Fér T, Suda J & Marhold K (2010): Genome size correlates with growth form, habitat and phylogeny in the Andean genus Lasiocephalus (Asteraceae). - Preslia 82: 127-148. pdf_0.gif
  • Košnar J, Kolář F (2009): A taxonomic study of selected European taxa of the Tortula muralis (Pottiaceae, Musci) complex: variation in morphology and ploidy level. - Preslia 81: 399-421.pdf_0.gif
  • Kolář F, Štech M, Trávníček P, Rauchová J, Urfus T, Vít P, Kubešová M, Suda J (2009): Towards resolving the Knautia arvensis agg. (Dipsacaceae) puzzle: primary and secondary contact zones and ploidy segregation at landscape and microgeographic scales. - Annals of Botany 103: 963-974. pdf_0.gif
  • Lepší M, Vít P, Lepší P, Boublík K, Kolář F (2009): Sorbus portae-bohemicae and Sorbus albensis, two new endemic apomictic species recognized based on a taxonomic and chorological revision of Sorbus bohemica. - Preslia 81: 63-89. pdf_0.gif


  • Balážová A, Kolář F, Fíla J, Mikát M, Baláž V (2016): Rozmnožování z pohledu evoluce [Reproduction from evolutionary perspective]. Academia, Praha. www
  • Kolář F, Matějů J, Lučanová M, Chlumská Z, Černá K, Prach J, Baláž V, Falteisek L (2012): Ochrana přírody z pohledu biologa - Proč a jak chránit českou přírodu [Nature conservation from biologist’s point of view]. Dokořán, Praha. www

Other publications

  • Lepší P, Lepší M, Boublík K, Kolář F (2012): Reliktní a izolovaný výskyt Prunus fruticosa u Českého Krumlova. [Relict and isolated occurence of Prunus fruticosa near Český Krumlov] - Zprávy České Botanické Společnosti 46: 231-250.pdf_0.gif
  • Kolář F, Sklenář P, Zeisek V, Dušková E, Diazgranados M (2011): Rostliny zpod vrcholků rovníkových And 3. Adaptivní radiace a bohatství růstových forem v páramu. [Plants from beneath Equatorial Andean Peaks 3. Adaptive Radiation and Diversity of Growth Forms in páramo] - Živa 59: 115-118. pdf_0.gif
  • Dušková E, Kolář F, Sklenář P (2011): Rostliny zpod vrcholků rovníkových And 2. Lasiocephalus - evoluce a kolonizování párama. [Plants from beneath Equatorial Andean Peaks 2. Lasiocephalus – Evolution and Colonization of Páramo] - Živa 59: 70-73. pdf_0.gif
  • Sklenář P, Dušková E, Kolář F (2011): Rostliny zpod vrcholků rovníkových And 1. Historický vývoj květeny párama. [Plants from beneath Equatorial Andean Peaks 1. The Historical Development of Páramo flora] - Živa 59: 19-22. pdf_0.gif
  • Štajerová K, Kolář F, Kubešová M, Sekerka L, Molem K, Lepš J (2008): Role nepůvodních druhů během sukcese na opuštěných políčkách Papuy Nové Guineje [The role of alien plants in succession in a shifting agriculture of Papua New Guinea] - Zprávy České Botanické Společnosti 43, Materiály 23: 63-72. pdf_0.gif
  • Kolář F, Vít P (2008): Endemické rostliny českých hadců 1.- 3. [Endemic plants of Czech serpentines, parts 1. - 3.] - Živa 56: 14-17 (1. díl) pdf_0.gif, 67-69 (2.díl) pdf_0.gif, 111-113 (3.díl). pdf_0.gif
  • Kolář F, Kubešová M, Těšitel J, Koutecký P (2007): Květena vesnic CHKO Blanský les [Synanthropic flora of villages in the Blanský les Protected Landscape Area] - Zprávy České Botanické Společnosti 42: 89-104. pdf_0.gif
  • Co-author of 6 textbooks for Biology olympiad (Mutualismus, Smrt jako součást života, Mnohobuněčnost, Ochrana přírody z pohledu biologa, Láska, sex a něžnosti v říši živočichů a rostlin, Země Živitelka - Příroda ve službách člověka) available at BiO website


  • Practicals in DNA sequence and mulilocus data analyses (together with E. Záveská, P. Škaloud & T. Fér) www SIS
  • Interdisciplinary excursion to European ecosystems (together with multiple botanists and zoologists) SIS
  • Flora of central Europe (together with T. Urfus and L. Hrouda) SIS & SIS
  • Field excursions in botany www SIS & SIS & SIS
  • Lectures of general botany for pedagogical students SIS
  • Botanical lectures at Summer course of biology for secondary school students in Běstvina


  • Guillaume Wos: Evolutionary drivers of alpine adaptation in Arabidopsis (since 2017)
  • Emma Morgan: Evolution of ploidy coexistence in wild Arabidopsis (since 2017)

PhD students

  • Magdalena Holcová: Genetic parallelism and adaptation to alpine environment in Arabidopsis. (since 2017)
  • Veronika Konečná: Demographic consequences and adaptive responses of plant populations to parallel environmental shifts. (since 2017)
  • Martin Čertner: Microevolutionary processes in mixed-ploidy populations of plants. (supervision since 2017)
  • Adam Knotek: Differentiation processes of mountain polyploid complexes in Central Europe during the Holocene. (supervision since 2016)

Bc and MSc students

  • Doubravka Požárová: Altitudinal adaptation in Arabidopsis (Bc thesis since 2016)
  • Jana Bayerová: Evolutionary and ecological consequences of polyploidization in Arabidopsis arenosa complex in Western Carpathians (Bc thesis 2013-2014; MSc thesis 2014-2016)
  • Kateřina Nováčková: Distribution, conservation and microevolutionary relationships in genus Polycnemum in Central Europe (Bc thesis 2012-2013)
  • Adam Knotek: Evolutionary history of tetraploid representatives of Galium pusillum group (sect. Leptogalium) in central Europe. Allopatric differentiation of Czech endemic species G. sudeticum. (Bc thesis 2011-2012; MSc thesis 2012-2014)
  • Martin Čertner (Hanzl): Processes governing sympatric coexistence of di- and tetraploid cytotypes in primary contact zone of Knautia arvensis agg. (Bc thesis 2009-2010; MSc thesis 2010-2012)

Grant projects (leading role)

  • 2017-2020 FRIPRO Mobility project, Norwegian Research Council (262033): Parallel adaptation to changing environments in wild Arabidopsis populations (principal investigator)
  • 2017-2019 Junior researcher project, Czech Science Foundation (17-20357Y): Parallel adaptation to alpine environments in wild Arabidopsis (principal investigator)
  • 2017-2019 Junior group leader research project, Charles University in Prague (Primus/SCI/35): Wild Arabidopsis adaptomics (principal investigator)
  • 2016 - 2017 Bilateral project of Czech and Austrian Ministries for Education (WTZ 7AMB16AT003): Evolution of alpine ecotypes in plant model Arabidopsis arenosa (PIs P. Schönswetter and F. Kolář)
  • 2014 - 2016 European Research Council, Marie Curie Fellowship (624421): WILD ARABIDOPSIS: Pathways, ecological and genomic consequences of genome duplication in Arabidopsis arenosa, an overlooked diploid-polyploid member of the model genus Arabidopsis. (researcher; senior scientist: C. Brochmann)
  • 2013 - 2015 Grant Agency of the Charles University (GAUK, 572213): Allopatric differentiation in polyploid complexes. Case study of Czech subendemic species Galium sudeticum. (supervisor of student project)
  • 2011 - 2013 Grant Agency of the Charles University (GAUK, 418411): Processes governing sympatric coexistence of cytotypes in primary contact zone of Knautia arvensis agg. (supervisor of student project)
  • 2008 Student Grant Agency of the Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia (SGA): Phylogeography of tundra species Potentilla crantzii in Central Europe (principal investigator)

Reviewing experience (journals)

  • Alpine Botany, Annals of Botany, AoB Plants, Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, Conservation Genetics, Current Opinion in Plant Science, Ecology and Evolution, Folia Geobotanica, Heredity, Journal of Biogeography, Molecular Ecology, Molecular Ecology Resources, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, New Phytologist, Nordic Journal of Botany, Phytotaxa, PLoS ONE, Preslia

Education and Mobility

  • Marie Curie postdoctoral research fellow: Natural History Museum, University of Oslo (2014-2016)
    • Marie Curie individual fellowship - WILDARABIDOPSIS: Pathways, ecological and genomic consequences of genome duplication in Arabidopsis arenosa, an overlooked diploid-polyploid member of the model genus Arabidopsis details)
  • PhD.: Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague (2009-2014)
    • PhD. thesis - Evolution and edaphic specialization of polyploid complexes (supervisor: Doc. RNDr. Jan Suda, Ph.D.)
  • Msc.: Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice (2007-2009)
    • Msc. thesis - Serpentine differentiation and polyploid evolution in Knautia arvensis agg. (Dipsacaceae) (supervisor: Ing. Milan Štech, Ph.D.)
  • Bc.: Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice (2004-2007)
    • Bc. thesis - Metodické přístupy ke studiu evoluční historie reliktních hadcových populací Knautia arvensis agg. Image removed.

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