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New preprint online now

Preprint about process-level convergence in adaptation to whole genome duplication between C. amara and A. arenosa. Check it here.

meiosis remodeling

Joint retreat with Levi Yant's group & allies

We spent three days of inspiring scientific discussions about ecological & population genomics (not only) in Arabidopsis in a nice autumn setting of Křivoklátsko protected area. Group of our collaborator Levi (Nottingham University) and our colleagues from GMI Vienna, VIB Ghent and University Bochum joined as well!

Writing retreat to Kvilda

Our group spent a nice couple of days at the Kvilda field station in the Šumava Mts to discuss and improve our current manuscripts.

Sumava mountains

New ERC Starting Grant

Filip has been awarded a Starting Grant from the European Research Council for the project DOUBLE ADAPT. Nearly € 2,000,000 will cover 5-years research of adaptive consequences of whole genome duplication in natural and experimental plant populations - project info and press release

Majda's research stay at UC Davis

Majda has just returned from an amazing six-week stay at Graham Coop’s group at UC Davis, where she learnt some cool methods to identify evolutionary mechanisms of parallel adaptation.


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