New paper on parallel adaptation

Gene expression parallelism in alpine Arabidopis arenosa is pervasive and mirrors a complex interplay between the genes and their environment. Check out our new study building on three-fold replicated natural experiment from European mountains! Result of Guillaume’s project published in The Plant journal!

Talk at the polyploid webinar

Veronika had a talk about genomics of adaptation in autopolyploid Arabidopsis, her PhD topic and one of the flagship projects in our lab. Part of a wonderful series on polyploid organised by Barker Lab. You can watch here

Online workshops

To get on the same knowledge-level within our group we started a series of mini workshops on the species and methods we (plan to) work with. So far online, hopefully soon in person again!

New Postdoc in the group

Cristina Vives Cobo joined our group following her PhD with Josep Casacuberta in Barcelona and a postdoc stay with Jeff Bennetzen at Uni Georgia, USA. Cristina specializes on genome structure and evolution, in particular mobile DNA elements such as transposable elements (TEs). She will address polyploidy-induced structural variation within the new Starting ERC project DOUBLE ADAPT. Welcome Cristina!

New paper about niche similary in diploid‐autotetraploid contact zones of Arabidopsis arenosa across spatial scales

Our new Arabidopsis paper led by Emma J. Morgan is online here: We explored whether the strength of niche differentiation of diploid and autotetraploid Arabidopsis arenosa varies across 264 populations over three distinct contact zones, and if the frequency of triploids decreases from seedling to adult stage.


Autumn Ecolgen retreat 2020

Last week, our group spent three days of hiking activities and great scientific discussions about ecological and population genomics in Arabidopsis at the Velemín field station. It was also a great opportunity to spend time with the newcomers Martha Kandziora & Juan Manuel Gorospe, who are working in tropical-alpine radiations in collaboration with Roswitha Schmickl.



Outdoor presentations

New Phd student in our group

Sonia Celestini joined our group following her masters at Uni Padova and intership with Pieter Clauw and Magnus Nordborg at GMI, Vienna. Sonia will address polyploid adaptation within the new Starting ERC project DOUBLE ADAPT. Welcome Sonia!

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