Guillaume Wos

Department of Botany, Charles University

Benátská 2, 128 01, Prague 2, Czech Republic

E-mail: wosg(at)


Current projects:

• Local adaptation along an altitudinal gradient in Arabidopsis arenosa

Using reciprocal transplant and common garden experiments, we investigate the genetic basis (RNA-seq) and underlying molecular mechanisms (metabolomics) of adaptive traits involved in local adaptation along an altitudinal gradient in Arabidopsis arenosa.

• Altitudinal variation in freezing resistance in polyploid and diploid populations of Arabidopsis arenosa

In this project, we study the ability of plants to cope with frost stress along an altitudinal gradient and address the following questions: (1) Do we observe differences in freezing resistance between low- and high-altitude populations collected in different mountains (Alps and Carpathian Mountains) and (2) Do we observe differences in freezing resistance between diploid and polyploid populations of Arabidopsis arenosa.

• Gene-by-environment interaction in Arabidopsis arenosa in Central Europe

Using four independent pairs of foothill and alpine populations of Arabidopsis arenosa raised in growth chambers, we test for significant parallelism in gene expression in alpine adaptation and in response to environmental factors (gene-by-environment interaction [GEI]).



Wos G., Mořkovská J., Bohutínská M., Šrámková G., Knotek A., Lučanová M., Španiel S., Marhold K., and Kolar F. (2019). Role of ploidy in colonization of alpine habitats in natural populations of Arabidopsis arenosa. Annals of Botany 124 (2), 255-268

Wos G., Willi Y. (2018) Genetic differentiation in life history traits and thermal stress performance across a heterogeneous dune landscape in Arabidopsis lyrata. Annals of Botany, in press

Wos G., Willi Y. (2018) Thermal acclimation in Arabidopsis lyrata: genotypic costs and transcriptional changes. Journal of evolutionary biology 31 (1), 123-135

Wos G., Willi Y. (2015) Temperature-stress resistance and tolerance along a latitudinal cline in North American Arabidopsis lyrata. PloS one 10 (6), e0131808


PhD thesis

G. Wos (2016) Plant performance under thermal stress: strategies and trade-offs, and their potential role in determining species distribution. PhD thesis,



• 2017-current: Post-doc in Plant Ecology

Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

• 2013 – 2016: PhD in Plant Ecology (Defended on December 15, 2016)

University of Neuchâtel & University of Basel, Switzerland

• 2011 – 2013: M.Sc. in Plants and Environment

University of Strasbourg, France & University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland