Workshop Population genetics of polyploids

Population genetics of polyploids, from theory to practice

ForBio course, Drøbak, Norway, 2.-7.12. 2018

Filip Kolář, Patrick Meirmans, Marc Stift, Olivier Hardy, Camille Roux, and Patrick Monnahan.

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Tutorial with questions for Days 1-4 and the same Tutorial with answers

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Day 0 – Introduction into R
Getting to grips with using R to similate diploid and polyploid populations

Day 1 – Population genetics with diploids and polyploids and in mixed situations
Genetic diversity, HW, analogues of F-statistics - Clustering analysis of simulated diploid and tetraploid pops


Day 2 – Estimating selfing rates in polyploids
Single vs. paired heterozygosity - Double reduction - Estimating selfing rates with mixed ploidy


Day 3 – ABC to analyse population genomic data
Model selection of evolutionary scenarios (polyploid origins and mode of inheritance)


Day 4 – Selection in diploids vs polyploids
Responses to selection, Selective sweeps, Rate of adaptation vs rate of fixation, Linked selection 


Day 5 – Project presentation


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