PhD. student & Postdoc openings

We are happy to announce new PhD student and advanced Postdoc opportunities related with the new ERC project DOUBLE ADAPT and a PhD student position in polyploid speciation funded by the newly funded project of the Czech Science Foundation. Review of applications will begin on 28.2.2020 (PhD positions) and 15.3.2020  (postdoc) and will continue until the positions have been filled. 

There will be also two additional Postdoc opportunities addressing ecological and evolutionary consequences of whole genome duplication linked to the new ERC project DOUBLE ADAPT. One will focus on ecological consequences of whole genome duplication in natural and experimental populations including potential follow-ups in ecological and experimental genomics, the second will address the role of selection in shaping strength of inter-ploidy gene flow in natural plant populations.  The positions will be announced in summer with tentative start in early 2021.

If you are interested in these upcoming positions, feel free to contact Filip (filip.kolar_at_natur.cuni.cz).


General information on opportunities for prospective postdocs

If you are interested in our research and would like to join the team, you are welcome to contact Filip. There is an opportunity to apply for a postdoctoral fellowship from the internal funds of the Charles University and Institute of Botany The Czech Academy of Science(deadlines once / twice a year, respectively). Other funding sources for postdocs include EMBO fellowships (evaluated twice a year) and Marie-Curie fellowships (once a year).


Master students and interns

If you are interested in evolutionary mechanisms governing plant diversity and want to develop your skills in plant biosystematics, population genomics and/or ecological experiments, then we may have a project for you! Just contact Filip (filip.kolar_at_natur.cuni.cz) if you find our research interesting and would like to discuss opportunities for a Master project and/or Internship.


Témata bakalářských a magisterských prací

Noví zájemci o bakalářské a magisterské práce jsou vždy vítáni, bližší info o nabízených tématech a o novém Evropském projektu ERC. Pokud máte zájem dozvědět se víc a případně se zapojit napište Filipovi (filip.kolar_at_natur.cuni.cz) nebo se stavte v naší místnosti (dveře č. 69, první patro Benátská 2).