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Title: Nuclear genome size and karyotype of Agave angustifolia and A. rhodacantha from Sonora, Mexico
Authors: Moreno-Salazar, S. F.; Esqueda, M.; Martinez, J.; Palomino, G.
Countries: MX - Mexico
Year: 2007
Publication: Revista Fitotecnia Mexicana
Pagination: 30:13-23
Family: Agavaceae
Species: Agave angustifolia, Agave rhodacantha
Plant Group: Angiosperms
Objectives: Genome size
Type of Standardization: Internal
Type of Standard: Plants
Plant standards: 1 - Zea mays cv. CE-777
Standard 2C values: 1 - 5.43
Fluorochromes: Propidium iodide
Buffers: Otto
Buffer modifications:
Flow Cytometer: Partec - CA-II
Histograms: Y
Herbarium Vouchers: N
Plant DNA C-values Database: N
CV range: 3-5%
Date added: 2008-05-12


code by Oleg Kovářík