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Title: Nuclear DNA content and karyotype of rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora)
Authors: Contim, L. A. S.; de Carvalho, C. R.; Martins, F. A.; de Freitas, D. V.
Countries: BR - Brazil
Year: 2005
Publication: Genetics and Molecular Biology
Pagination: 28:754-757
Family: Lauraceae
Species: Aniba rosaeodora
Plant Group: Angiosperms
Objectives: Genome size
Type of Standardization: Internal
Type of Standard: Plants
Plant standards: 1 - Raphanus sativus cv. Saxa
Standard 2C values: 1 - 1.11
Fluorochromes: DAPI, Propidium iodide
Buffers: Otto
Buffer modifications:
Flow Cytometer: Partec - PAS-II and P - PAS-III
Histograms: Y
Herbarium Vouchers: N
Plant DNA C-values Database: N
CV range: 0-3%
Date added: 2008-05-12


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