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Department of botany

Department of botany
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Lichenology workgroup
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News from Tomáš Herben
Pollinators workgroup
Palaeoecology workgroup

Related departments within the faculty

Department of ecology
Department of experimental plant biology

Related departments within other Czech universities

Brno (dept. of botany and zoology at Pf MU)
eské Budjovice (dept. of botany at Pf JU)
Olomouc (dept. of botany at Pf UPOL)
Praha (dept. of ekology at FP ZU)
Ostrava (botanical section of dept. of biology and ekology at Pf OU)

Related organisations

Institute of Botany - Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Czech botanical society (BS)

Czech society for ecology (SPE)
CZ-IALE (Czech society for landscape ekology)


PALYCZ: Czech Quaternary Palynological Database
Czech botany PhDs newsletter

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Study information system (SIS)
Centre for information technologies (CIT)
Scientific information guide (SVI)
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