There are some lectures taught in English, you can find them in SIS (place where you enroll for lectures etc. - subjects in English end with E). The subjects are usually taught in English as soon as at least one foreign student enrolls for the subject. Please, contact the teacher in advance.

Conservation biology (zuzmun (at) natur.cuni.cz)
Excursion 'Vegetation of central Europe' (jarvojta (at) natur.cuni.cz)
Experimental plant ecology (weiser2 (at) natur.cuni.cz)
Introduction to graphical outputs and simple numerical handling of palaeoecological and stratigraphical data (petr.kunes (at) natur.cuni.cz)
Methods in plant population biology (usually matrix models) (zuzmun (at) natur.cuni.cz)
Molecular markers in botany (tomas.fer (at) centrum.cz
Quaternary paleoekology (petr.kunes (at) natur.cuni.cz)
Plant population biology (zuzmun (at) natur.cuni.cz)



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