Improving mark-release-recapture estimates of short-lived highly mobile pollinators using additional information on weather and landscape composition

Hadrava, J. (1), Kazda, A. (6), Pavlíková, A. (2), Mikát, M. (1), Gruberová, P. (5), Janovský, Z. (3), Uhlíková, N. (4), Herben, T. (3)

1) Dept. of Zoology, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic
2) Dept. of Zoology, University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice, Czech Republic
3) Dept. of Botany, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic
4) Secondary grammar school of Johannes Kepler, Prague, Czech Republic
5) Secondary grammar school of Jaroslav Vrchlický, Klatovy, Czech Republic
6) Dept. of Algebra, Chrales University in Prague, Czech Republic

Estimating the population sizes and spatial activity of pollinators are some of the key issues of pollination biology at landscape scale. The mark-release-recapture method is one of the most suitable methods to achieve this. However its results depend very much on the number of captured individuals and especially the number of recaptures. These limitations become important in mobile and short-lived, yet important pollinator groups, such as hoverflies.

We attempted to assess the overall abundances of the key hoverfly pollinators at landscape scale as well as their partition among the individual sites by conducting simultaneous MRR. Despite large marking and recapturing effort (11 people for two days in two runs at the spatial scale of 1.5 km), we were able to construct only the estimates of population sizes at landscape level and not on the site one.

We explore the possibilities of use of information on the ratio of within-site and among-site (ca 30%) recaptures in order to precise the otherwise unreliable estimates of local hoverfly population sizes. We also show the potential of using other additional information (current weather conditions for detection probability and later by-chance recaptures for spatial activity), in pursuing the same goal.

Presentováno na 2. Mezinárodní konferenci o statistické ekologii v Sundvollenu u Oslo ve dnech 3.-6.7. 2012.

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