Pavel Špryňar
Assistant lecturer at Department of Botany, Faculty of Science, Charles University of Prague

Contact: Department of Botany, Charles University of Prague
Benátská 2, Praha 2, CZ - 128 01, Czech Republic

Personal data
* 1973, Praha, former Czechoslovakia
Nationality: Czech, state: unmarried

Research interests
- floristics, taxonomy, biodiversity and ecology of vascular plants
- Central Bohemian, European and Mediterranean flora
- insect-plant interactions

Study and practice
1999 – M.Sc. (Mgr.) in Biology at the Charles University of Prague, Faculty of Science; M.Sc. thesis: Diversity of the flora of Prague;
1999–2007 - Agency of Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection of the Czech Republic;
since 2007 - assistant lecturer at the Department of Botany, Faculty of Science, Charles University of Prague.


Courses in B.Sc. study program "Biology":
     Botany of vascular plants
     Field course in botany

     Plant morphology
Courses in M.Sc. study program "Botany":
     Course of ecological floristics / Kurs ekologické floristiky


Excursion Pannonia 2010


Excursion Andalucía 2011


Excursion Albania 2011


Presentations (CZ)


Membership in scientific organisations
Czech Botanical Society, Czech Entomological Society


Membership of editorial boards
Bohemia centralis
Český kras
Fragmenta Ioannea
Muzeum a současnost
Natura Pragensis
Novitates Botanicae Universitatis Carolinae