Genus Festuca in Bolivia

Peruvian Puna

Festuca in Bolivia. It was recognized 30 species from the region of Bolivia. Some species were excluded from flora of Bolivia or considered dubious (F. nemoralis, F. eriostoma). It shows that some Peruvian species have biogeographical relation with Bolivia, which represents (south-) eastern boundary of their distribution. In Bolivia, this species are know only from La Paz and/or Oruro region (F. rigescens, F. cuzcoensis, F. procera, F. lasiorrhachis). Another species shows strong link between south Bolivia, Argentina and/or Chile and in this cases sout Bolivia represents northern boundary of their area of distribution (F. argentinensis, F. hieronymii, F. parodiana). About 12 species of Festuca were found to be endemic to Bolivia. The endemism is concentrated mainly to Cochabamba and Chuquisaca region.


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