Genus Festuca in Ecuador

Peruvian Puna

Festuca in Ecuador. Fourteen species previously reported for Ecuador were confirmed and nine new taxa (six species and three infraspecific taxa) were described here. No specimens of F. casapaltensis and F. ortophylla previously published for the area of Ecuador (in herbarium collections or cited in literature) were found. Some previously cited specimens were found by the present author to be misidentified: a specimen published as F. dichoclada PILG. (RIMBACH 54 US) in fact belongs to F. quadridentata, specimens identified as F. dolichophylla J. PRESL represent F. subulifolia (HARTEMAN 67 (US), HITCHCOCK 21994 (NY, US), HITCHCOCK 22030 (NY, US), HITCHCOCK 21951 (US), SPRUCE 5509 (US)) and F. asplundii (HITCHCOCK 21978 (US)). A specimen cited as F. peruviana INFANTES (GRUBB 620 (NY, US)) belongs to F. chimborazensis and a specimen earlier determined as F. rigescens (ACOSTA-SOLÍS 19199 (US)) is in fact F. asplundii. All specimens treated in the past as F. ulochaeta. belong to F. flacca. In total, 20 species native to Ecuador are recognized:




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