Genus Festuca in N Peru (jalca)

Peruvian Puna

Festuca in Peru. The first descriptions of Peruvian Festuca come from J. Presl (1830) and were based on Haenke’s collections made during Malaspine expedition in 1789-1794. The first monographer of the grasses of Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia is a. Hitchcock (1927) who mentions just 17 species of Festuca, 11 of which he founds in region of Peru. Later Macbride (1936) in his “Flora of Peru” published 12 species. The latest monographer of Festuca in Peru O. Tovar (1972, 1993) described several new species and increased the total to 37 species. Finally Brako & Zarucci (1993) listed in Catalogue of the Flowering Plants and Gymnosperms of Peru 42 species. From peruvian paramos (jalca) are known nine species:





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