Tomáš Koubek

Katedra botaniky, Prf UK
Benatska 2
12801 Praha 2
Czech republic

e-mail: tomas.koubek (at) gmail (dot) com


Scientific interests:

Population biology of plants infected by systemic pathogens

I study this in Falcaria vulgaris - Puccinia sii-falcariae pathosystem using demographic data to construct life cycle matrices of infected and non-infected plants within populations and I collect data on disease presence at the landscape level as well; I try to quantify the effect of the disease in different life cycle components and the effect for the whole population; new pathosystems, we explore lately at the landscape level are Podosphaera balsaminae on Impatiens noli-tangere (with Jana Chalupníková) and Microbotryum on Dianthus carthusianorum (with Klára Koupilová and Marek Kasner)


Interactions of plant clonality and pathogen infection

studied in two pathosystems: first is Duchesnea indica and its powdery mildew Podosphaera aphanis, second is study of highly clonal Vinca minor - rust Puccinia cribrata pathosystem in Slovenia, we try to find effect of parameters of clonal growth on systemic rust disease and vice-versa; we also use a model of clonal growth Rhizome; this is joint work with Tomáš Herben, Petr Dostál and Jirka Vaníček


Seedling recruitment in managed grasslands

studied with Centaurea scabiosa, Tragopogon orientalis, Carlina vulgaris and Succisa pratensis at 8 localities around ČR to find the effect of management for seedling recruitment and establishment; most plants germinate more in mown plots but there are exceptions favouring not mown plots or indiferent to mowing



Plasticity and abundance

plasticity allows plants to accomodate for various conditions and therefore it should be responsible for higher plants fitness and higher abundance consequently; we look for patterns in plasticity to light and nutrient signals; this is project co-developed with Tomáš Herben and Martin Weiser


mangrovove druhy Nutritional value of proboscis monkey food in mangroves

a project of Stan Lhota, who studies the population dynamics of the proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus) in Balikpapan bay ‒ we collected samples of all main food plants of the monkey in 2015 and compared nutritional value of species of true and accesory mangrove species; we established permanent plots in the bay in 2017




MSc: Institute for Environmental studies, Faculty of science, Charles university in Prague, thesis - Germination and growth of seedlings of meadow herbs under different managements. - the project was done within the EU grant framework - Transplant (Extinction risks and the re-introduction of plant species in a fragmented Europe) .

since 2003:
Phd: Botany department, Faculty of Science, Charles university in Prague, thesis - Population biology of plants infected by systemic pathogens (PDF)


2005-2006: botany department within GACR grant Local adaptation in plant populations, co-worker and webmaster

2006-2011: botany department full time job at Biodiversity research centre

2012-2015: botany department full time job within GACR grant Does phenotypic plasticity of plant species affect their regional abundance?

since 2016: botany department full time job within GACR grant Response to disturbance as the key process in evolution of herbaceous and clonal growth forms: linking phylogenetic and experimental approaches


Biomes of the Earth (one lecture on mangroves)

Experimental plant ecology (hands-on)

Field course of current methods in phytosociology and plant population biology

Field course of plant determination

Field course of ecology

New interesting topics in botany and plant ecology

Plant ecology

Study stays abroad:

2002-2003: 4 months, Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen (nowadays RU), Department of plant ecology - in cooperation with Xavier Picó, financed by Erasmus

2005-2006: 4 months, Radboud University Nijmegen, Department of plant ecology - experiment in cooperation with Tamara van Mölken and Josef F. Stuefer, the project was aimed at effect of WClMV virus on Trifolium repens, financed by Huygens fellowship (Nuffic)


Older conferences: Show Hide

2009: 9th Clonal plant workshop, Leuven, poster: Spread of rust fungi in clonal plants of Vinca minor

2009: Second conference of the Czech society for ecology, Ostrava, poster: Effects of pathogen on clonal plant Vinca minor

2011: Third conference of the Czech society for ecology, Kostelec nad Černými Lesy, poster: Impact of common pathogen on Falcaria vulgaris

2012: 10th clonal workshop in Beijing, poster: Ramet turnover under differing water levels in Vinca minor, link here

2012: BES conference in Birmingham, poster: Ramet turnover under differing water levels in Vinca minor

2013: Popbio in Tartu, poster: Does higher plasticity in response to light quality help plants to be more abundant?

2013: First Wild Plant Pathogens (WPP) conference in Olomouc, talk: Matrix models of plant infected by systemic pathogen show low impact of the disease and high influence of the environment

2013: Fourth conference of Czech society for ecology (CSFE), Brno, talk: Are plants with more plastic response to light also more abundant in the nature?

2014: Conference BES in Lille, poster Comparative analysis of plant plasticity to light signals.

2015: 11th clonal workshop in Třeboň, poster Effect of local pathogen on translocation in clonal plant

2015: Conference BES in Edinburgh, poster Simulated herbivory in 19 meadow species – comparative analysis

2016: Popbio in Třeboň, organiser, poster: Plastic changes of SLA in response to shade

2016: Second conference of Wild Plant Pathogens (WPP) group in Helsinki, poster: Using Ellenberg‘s indicator values as a proxies for effect of environment in three different wild pathosystems

2017: CSFE conference, poster: Using Ellenberg‘s indicator values as a proxies for effect of environment in three different wild pathosystems


K Koupilová, T Koubek, M Kasner, Z Janovský (2023) Anther smut pathogens as important drivers of population dynamics of long-lived perennial plants: A case study of Dianthus carthusianorum. Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics, 125729

P Stiblíková, A Klimeš, JF Cahill, T Koubek, M Weiser (2023) Interspecific differences in root foraging precision cannot be directly inferred from species' mycorrhizal status or fine root economics. Oikos, e08995.

M Sporbert, et al. (2022) Functional traits influence patterns in vegetative and reproductive plant phenology–a multi-botanical garden study. New Phytologist 235 (6), 2199-2210.

T Mašková, T Herben, K Hošková, T Koubek (2022) Shoot senescence in herbaceous perennials of the temperate zone: Identifying drivers of senescence pace and shape. Journal of Ecology, online early

Koupilová, K., Koubek, T., Cornille, A. & Janovský, Z. (2021) Local maladaptation of the anther-smut fungus parasitizing Dianthus carthusianorum. European Journal of Plant Pathology, 160, 365–374.

Klimeš, A., Weiser, M., Koubek, T. & Herben, T. (2021) Evolution of herbs: key to the conundrum might be tolerance not avoidance. Journal of Plant Ecology, 14, 911–919.

Klimes, A., Koubek, T., Weiser, M. and Herben, T. (2021) Growth plasticity in response to shading as a potential key to the evolution of angiosperm herbs. Plant Ecology 222(3): ‏ 387-396.

Huang, L., Koubek, T., Weiser, M. and Herben, T. (2018) Environmental drivers and phylogenetic constraints of growth phenologies across a large set of herbaceous species.Journal of Ecology 106(4): 1621-1633.

Weiser, M., Koubek, T. and Herben, T. (2016) Root Foraging Performance and Life-History Traits. Frontiers in Plant Science 7:779.

Dostál, P., Weiser, M. and Koubek, T. (2012) Native jewelweed but not other native species displays post-invasion trait divergence.Oikos 122 (11): 1849–1859.

Koubek, T. and Herben, T. (2008): Effect of systemic diseases on clonal integration: modelling approach. Evolutionary Ecology 22 (3): 449-460.

Sklenář, P., Karlík, P., Koubek, T., Scharffová, K., Křivánek, M. and Suchara, I. (2007) Temperature inversion in the sandstone valley of the Křinice river (Bohemian Switzerland National Park); winter measurements. in Sandstone Landscapes. Praha. Academia: 104-109.

Březina, S., Koubek, T., Münzbergová, Z. and Herben, T. (2006): Ecological benefits of integration of Calamagrostis epigejos ramets under field conditions. Flora 201 (6): 461-467.

Pico, X. F. and Koubek, T. (2003): Inbreeding effects on fitness traits in heterocarpic herb Leontodon autumnalis L. Acta Oecologica 24: 289 – 294.

Koubek, T. (2003): Germination and growth of seedlings of meadow herbs under different managements. 54 pp, (MSc. thesis), Depon. in: Lib. Inst. Env. Prot., Charles University, Prague. [in Czech]


member of Czech botanical society and Czech Society for Ecology



I live in Neratovice and in Prague, but my roots are in Czech-moravian highland around Pelhřimov (Červená Řečice, Hořepník, Pacov...), where both my parents were born.
I am interested in woodcraft and camping in tee-pees. I'm interested in all sorts of music and musical instruments, internet, literature, poetry, photography and calligraphy.


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