Ordering information

To order the strains, please fill out and sign the order form, and send it to the CAUP Culture Collection either by mail, fax (+420 221 951 645), or scanned to PDF via e-mail. Only sub-cultered strains are available for ordering.

Charges per cultures
All prices are listed without VAT (21% Czech VAT). Companies within EU that are registered for VAT can purchase without VAT by specifying a valid TAX number in the ordering.

Please note that new prices are implemented since 2018.

Price per culture
in the Czech Republic  
for non-commercial research and teaching 350 Kč
for applied research and commercial use 1500 Kč
for non-commercial research and teaching 30 € (Euro)
for applied research and commercial use 75 € (Euro)

Shipping & handling costs (price per order)
in the Czech Republic  
prize per order 200 Kč
abroad within Europe outside Europe
1-2 strains 10 € (Euro) 13 € (Euro)
more than 3 strains 12 € (Euro) 15 € (Euro)

Due to lack of technician staff, it is not possible to considerabely increase number of maintained strains in living stage. Therefore, we introduced the cryopreservation techniques to preserve a large number of strains isolated during various taxonomic studies. The strains maintained in cryopreserved state are available only in specific cases, and the price for their order is determined individually.

Cultures that are purchased by individuals should be paid in advance. Organizations that maintain separate accounting facilities may pay after receipt of cultures, provided that the address to which the bill should be sent is included with the order.

The cultures are provided free of charge in exchange with other accredited algal culture collections.









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