Apomixis Research Group

We study evolutionary, ecological and biogeographic aspects of asexual seed reproduction – apomixis

Our reserach focuses on one of the major evolutionary transitions in angiosperms: a shift from sexual to asexual seed reproduction – apomixis. Our aim is to understand the role of putatively key factors involved in this shift, i.e. hybridization and polyploidization. We also ask what is the evolutionary potential of apomictic linneages, what is the impact of asexual-sexual coexistance and what are taxonomic and distributional patterns in sexual-asexual Hieracium and Pilosela genera.

Group Members

Patrik Mráz

mrazpat (at) natur.cuni.cz


Jindřich Chrtek

jindrich.chrtek (at) ibot.cas.cz


Pavel Zdvořák

pavel.zdvorak (at) gmail.com


Main collaborators



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