Lectures and excercises

Phycology I

Phycology II

Botany of non-vascular plants

Biochemistry and biotechnology of algae

Excersise in protistology

Introduction to plant systematics, evolution and ecology

Ecophysiology of algae

Phycological field excursion

Field course in botany

Student supervision

Jan Ráček:

Ph.D. Thesis: Novel approaches to stress tolerance research in conjugating algae

Master Thesis (graduated 2022): Accumulation of phenolic compounds in Spirogyra in stress conditions

Bc. Thesis (graduated 2019): Phenolic substances in algae

Jiří Lukeš:

Ph.D. Thesis: Adaptive value of genome size variation of Zygnema (Zygnematophyceae) strains.

Master Thesis (graduated 2023): Evolution of genome size in streptophyte algae genus Zygnema and its ecological consequences

Václav Cedrik Belza

Bc. Thesis: Adaptation of terrestrial algae to a lack of water.

Kateřina Trumhová:

Ph.D. Thesis (graduated 2023): Seasonal dynamics of mats composed by conjugating green alga Zygnema (Zygnematophyceae)

Tomáš Čížek:

Bc. Thesis (graduated 2023): Cold and frost tolerance in algae - Adaptation and acclimation mechanisms

Milan Horňák:

Bc. Thesis (graduated 2022): Land plant terrestrialization - New insights from genomes of charophyte algae

Martin Pošmourný:

Bc. Thesis (graduated 2016): The effect of desiccation on streptophyte algae - mechanisms of stress resistance

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