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Biochemistry and biotechnology of algae

Excersise in protistology

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Introduction to plant systematics, evolution and ecology

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Field course in botany

Botany of non-vascular plants - practical lessons

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Student supervision

Kateřina Trumhová:

PhD. Thesis: Seasonal dynamics of mats composed by conjugating green algae (Zygnematophyceae): Effect of abiotic and biotic stress.

Jan Ráček:

Master Thesis: Accumulation of phenolic compounds in Spirogyra in stress conditions

Bc. Thesis (graduated 2019): Phenolic substances in algae.

Klára Kosatíková:

Bc. Thesis: Adaptations of green aeroterrestrial algae to water stress.

Martin Pošmourný:

Bc. Thesis (graduated 2016): The effect of desiccation on streptophyte algae - mechanisms of stress resistance.

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