The bryological collection contains ca 100,000 specimens of mosses, liverworts and hornworts. It encompasses complete type material of the taxa described by J. Velenovský, J. Vilhelm and J. Váňa. The most important part of the bryophyte collection is J. Váňa’s collection which was acquired in 2018 and is kept separately. It contains ca 50,000 specimens, of which 29,650 specimens belong to liverworts (and hornworts) from all across the world containing many types specimens which J. Váňa mostly acquired by exchange.

List of the most important collectors:

G. Beck, P. M. Opiz, V. Skalický, Z. Soldán, J. Stuchlý, J. Váňa, J. Velenovský, J. Vilhelm.