The mycological collection contains more than 80,000 specimens of fungi that were studied in the past or are currently being studied at the Department of Botany (ascomycetes in teleomorph and anamorph stage, biotrophic parasites belonging to Pucciniomycetes and Ustilaginomycetes and members of Peronosporomycota). Included are also the collection of basidiomycetes and several series of exsiccate collections (e.g. Mycotheca Germanica, Schlesische Pilze). Highly appreciated is a section of the type collection of J. Velenovský that consists of samples preserved in glass cylinders with liquid preservatives. The rest of the collection is deposited as typical herbarium dried samples in the Mycological department of the National Prague Museum (acronym PRM). Commented list of all type specimens of Velenovský deposited in PRC and PRM is available at: due to an effort of J. Holec, M. Chlebická and collaborators from the PRM.

List of the most important collectors:

G. Beck, F. Bubák, K. Cejp, A. C. J. Corda, K. Kavina, A. Kubátová, J. Marková, M. Ondřej, P. M. Opiz, J. Paul, A. Pilát, K. Prášil, B. Shimek, V. Skalický, Z. Urban, J. Velenovský, J. Veselý.