We are a research group focusing on the symbiotic associations in lichens

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Symbiotic organisms play a key role in natural communities.
Lichens are common symbiotic organisms composed of a fungal partner, the mycobiont,
and one or more photosynthetic partners, the photobiont, that may be either a green alga or cyanobacterium.

Our research focuses on various aspects of lichen symbiosis:

  • Diversity of symbiotic algae within various lichen genera.
  • Diversity of free-living symbiotic algae.
  • Ecological drivers of lichen symbiosis: The effect of climatic and habitat factors in shaping the relationships between the fungal and algal partners.
  • Niche dimensions of algal partners.
  • Formation and ontogeny of lichen symbiosis: From vegetative propagules to mature thalli.
  • Dispersal of symbiotic partners.
  • Spatial and temporal dynamics of lichen symbiotic associations.

Research Team

Principal investigators

Jana Steinová

jana.steinova[at]gmail.com www

Pavel Škaloud

skaloud[at]natur.cuni.cz www


Ivana Černajová

ivkacerka[at]gmail.com PhD student

Eliška Konečná

el.konecna[at]seznam.cz PhD student

Veronica Malavasi

veronica.malavasi80[at]gmail.com PhD student

Zuzana Škvorová

zuzka.skvorova[at]centrum.cz PhD student

Lucie Vančurová

vancurova.l[at]volny.cz PhD student

Heda Ghlimová

ghlihe[at]seznam.cz MSc student

Jana Schmidtová

jana.schmidtova[at]post.cz MSc student

Veronika Veselá

v.vesela2[at]seznam.cz MSc student

External collaborators

  • Ondřej Peksa (Museum of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Czech Republic)
  • Francesco Dal Grande (Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Institute, Germany)
  • Patricia Moya (University of Valencia, Spain)
  • Lucia Muggia (University of Trieste, Italy)


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