Leisure time

The official daily programme ends with dinner at 6 pm, leaving plenty of time for various leisure-time activities in the evenings. Playing-fields and courts located within the camp offer a chance to participate in many common sports. Football, beach volleyball and frisbee are usually the favourite ones, though playing basketball, tennis and table tennis is also possible. Unfortunately (and surprisingly), it is not possible to borrow any sport equipment in the camp. We will bring and provide balls for the most common sports (football, volleyball, basketball), table tennis bats and some frisbee. However, in the case of more specific wishes you will need to bring your own sport equipment!

A refreshment bar within the camp facilities is open at the time of serving food (three times a day) and then several hours after the dinner (up to ca. 10-11 pm). They sell non-alcoholic beverages, draught beer, bottled wine and some snacks (biscuits, chocolate, crisps, ice cream, etc.). Alternatively, you can pay a visit to one of the local pubs. The closest one, owned by a nice Dutch couple, is located ca. 400 m from the camp (you just need to ford the river :). The owners speak English and the pub is equipped with foosball and billiard tables. A slightly more distant option (ca. 2 km) is a restaurant “U Kaštanu” (it means “by the horse-chestnut tree”) in Dobronice. Apart from having foosball and billiard tables, they make good pizza there (http://www.penzionukastanu.cz).

There is also a fire pit in the camp and it is customary to make a bonfire at least once (or more often if the weather conditions are suitable). There are usually some students who play the guitar and/or sing to make it even more enjoyable.