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Facebook page - Phycology Research Group, Prague

Searching literature, databases
Web of Science - PřF UK internal network or proxy
Biological Abstracts - PřF UK internal network or proxy
Google Scholar
Semantic Scholar
EZB - searching electronic journals
National library database
AlgaeBase - database of algal taxa
Index Nominum Algarum - database of algal taxa, literature
Digital library - full texts of books
Internet Archive - full texts of books
Biodiversity Heritage Library - full texts of books
Catalogue of Diatom Names
CyanoDB - database of cyanobacterial taxa
Journal Abbreviations
Beall’s List - a list of predatory journals
eLS - citable reviews in the life sciences

Phycological journals and journals issuing phycological papers
Algae - Korean Society of Phycology
Algological Studies - Ingenta
Cryptogamie Algologie - Science Direct
European Journal of Phycology - British Phycological Society, Taylor & Francis
International Journal on Algae - Begellhouse
Journal of Applied Phycology
- Springer
Journal of Phycology - Phycological Society of America, Wiley InterScience
Perspectives in Phycology - Schweizerbart
Phycologia - přístupové informace u Pavla Š., International Phycological Society
Phycological Research - Wiley InterScience
American Journal of Botany
Biologia - Springer
Botanica Marina - De Gruyter
Diatom Research - International Society for Diatom Research, Taylor & Francis
European Journal of Protistology - Science Direct
Fottea - Česká algologická společnost
Hydrobiologia - Springer
IJSEM, International Journal of Systematics & Evolutionary Microbiology
Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology - Wiley InterScience
Journal of Paleolimnology - Springer
Nova Hedwigia - Ingenta
Protist - Science Direct

Algal culture colections
BCCM - Belgium (over 500 strains)
TCC - Thonon, France (over 500 strains)
ACOI - Coimbra, Portugalsko (cca 1500 kmenů)
ACOI - Coimbra, Portugal (ca 1500 strains)
UTEX - Austin, USA (ca 3000 strains)
NCMA - Maine, USA (over 2700 strains)
SAG - Göttingen, Germany (over 2400 strains)
CCAP - Argyll, Great Britain (over 2000 strains)
ACUF - Naples, Italy (ca 400 strains)
ACUS - Sofia, Bulgaria (125 strains)
Algobank - Caen cedex, France (657 strains)
Antarctic Protist Culture Collection - USA (80 strains)
ATCC - American Type Culture Collection, USA
CAUP - Prague, Czech Republic (250 strains)
CCAC - Cologne, Germany (1800 strains)
CCALA - Třeboň, Czech Republic (656 strains)
CCBA - Gdansk, Poland (200 strains)
CCCM - Vancouver, Canada (ca 300 strains)
CCCryo - Potsdam-Golm, Německo (ca 300 strains)
CCMEE - Eugene, Oregon, USA
CICCM - Nelson, New Zealand (160 strains)
Culture collection of Algae - Marburg, Germany (110 strains)
CSIRO - Hobart, Australia (800 strains)
FACHB - Wuhan, Hubei, China (872 strains)
JCM - Saitama, Japan
NIES - Onogawa, Ibaraki, Japan (over 1400 strains)
PCC - Paris, France (blue-greens, over 600 strains)
RCC - Roscoff, France (1300 strains)
SCCA - Cagliari, Italy (over 100 strains)
SCCAP - København, Denmark (600 strains)
SVCK - Hamburg, Germany (desmids, over 400 strains)
CPCC - Waterloo, Canada (500 strains)
ECCO - European Culture Collection's organisation
WDCM - World Data Centre for Microorganisms
Straininfo - Integrated microbial knowledge base

Algal & protist galleries, determination keys
Microbial Digital Specimen Archives
Sinice a řasy.cz - gallery
Phytoplankton key
Algae Images -Institute for Watershed Studies, WA, USA
IWF - videos
ADIAC - diatom image database
ANSP - algae image database
Cryptographics - images, videos
DIADIST - diatom image database
Diatoms of the United States - identification guide
Freshwater Diatom Flora of Britain and Ireland
Phytoplankton guide - marine phytoplankton
International Society for Testate Amoeba Research - testate amoebae
arcella.nl - amoeboid organisms
penard.de - protists, mainly amoebae
kasviplanktonopas.net/uusin - line drawings
nordicmicroalgae.org - microalgae and related organisms in the Nordic area
sciencephoto.com - photographs and microphotographs
keweenawalgae.mtu.edu - freshwater protitsts

Molekul databases, phylogenetic programs
NCBI GenBank
EMBL - Nucleotide sequence database
DDBJ - DNA Data Bank of Japan
EUKREF - Eukaryotic reference database
DnaSP - calculation of sequence polymorphism
ITS-2 database - alignments, secondary structures
FaBox - fasta sequence toolbox
FigTree - a graphical viewer of phylogenetic trees
Format Converter
Gblocks - selection of conserved alignment regions
MEGA - molecular evolutionary genetics analysis
mesquite - phenetic, cladistic analyses, character states mapping
mfold - prediction of RNA secondary structure
MUSCLE - on-line alignment program
pfold - prediction of RNA secondary structure
Phylogenetic Trees Made Easy
Phylogeny programs - web pages with links to phylogeny programs
RnaViz - drawing RNA secondary structures
SILVA - rRNA database
SOAP - vcleaning alignments from unstable blocks
Software - Bioinformatics and Molecular Evolution - Vigo, Spain
TreeBase - a repository of phylogenetic information
The European rRNA database
VARNA - drawing RNA secondary structures
Vienna RNA Secondary Structure Prediction
4-SALE - synchronous RNA sequence and secondary structure alignment

Proofreading services
American Eagle Editing Office
BioMed Proofreading
Proofread My Essay

Phycological laboratories in Czech Republic
Alga.cz - Třeboň
Algologie.upol.cz - Olomouc
Butbn.cas.cz - Třeboň
Ecotox.ibot.cas.cz - Brno
Fytoplankton.cz - České Budějovice
Life Science Research Centre - Ostrava
Sinice.cz - Brno
Sinice a řasy.cz - České Budějovice

Other links
Pandorina - 3D models of algae
Handbook of the Protist
Geometric morphometrics
Maps of the marine organisms distribution
International code of nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants - Melbourne Code (St. Louis)
Nomenclatural FAQs for Phycologists - The Seaweed Site
Commemorative epithets (by Paul Silva) [PDF]
mymemory.translated.net- sentence on-line translator
flutterbys.com.au/stats/course.html - R tutorial and workshops
TED Ed - learning videos
slideplayer.com - on-line presentations
wolframalpha.com - calculations in matk, physics, etc.
coggle.it - mind map
oldmapsonline.org - carographyof the past
ResearchGate - scientific social network
Algae and Cyanobacteria icons - icons suitable for posters and presentations