Staff of the Phycology Research Group and postdocs

Doc. Mgr. Pavel Škaloud, Ph.D. - head of the group
[skaloud (at)], tel: +420-22195-1648
second mezzanine, room no. 78; research interests:
chrysophytes, lichen photobionts, evolution, ecology - WEB

Prof. RNDr. Jiří Neustupa, Ph.D.  
[neustupa (at)], tel: +420-22195-1663
room no. 106; research interests:
geometric morphometrics, ecology, desmids, seaweeds - WEB

Doc. RNDr. Yvonne Němcová, Ph.D.
[ynemcova (at)], tel: +420-22195-1647
second mezzanine, room no. 78; research interests:
cell ultrastructure, ecophysiology, chrysophytes, green algae

Mgr. Jana Kulichová, Ph.D.  
[vesela6 (at)]; tel: tel: +420-22195-1647
second mezzanine, room no. 78; research interests:
freshwater benthic diatoms, ecology, evolution - WEB

RNDr. Martina Pichrtová, Ph.D.  
[martina.pichrtova (at)], tel: +420-22195-1663
room no. 106; research interests:
conjugating green algae, ecophysiology, stress tolerance - WEB;

Mgr. Jan Šťastný, Ph.D.  
[stastny.jan (at)], +420-22195-1649
second mezzanine, room no. 81; research interests:
desmids, diversity, ecology

Mgr. Ivana Černajová, Ph.D. 
[ivkacerka (at)]
research interests:
lichen symbiosis, ecology

RNDr. Dora Čertnerová, Ph.D.  
[dora.certnerova (at)]
research interests:
genome size, flow cytometry, evolution

Veronica Malavasi, Ph.D.
[veronica.malavasi80 (at)]
research interests:
aerophytic green algae, ecology, evolution

Mgr. Martin Pusztai, Ph.D.  
[Pusztai (at)]
research interests:
colonial chrysophytes, ecology, evolution

Mgr. Magda Škaloudová, Ph.D.
[magda.skaloudova (at)]
research interests:
chrysophytes, ecology, ecophysiology, algal culture collection

Ph.D. Students

Mgr. Tereza Gebouská  
[tereza.ridka (at)]
Molecular diversity and ecological differentiation of Asterochloris photobionts. [supervisor: Pavel Škaloud]

Mgr. Iva Jadrná
[IvusJ (at)]
Reproductive isolation and population structure in Synura petersenii.
[supervisor: Pavel Škaloud]

Mgr. Veronika Kantnerová
[vkanti (at)]
Understanding the mechanisms behind the formation of lichen symbiotic association. [supervisor: Pavel Škaloud]

Mgr. Petr Knotek
[knotekpetr (at)]
Evolutionary history of the genus Mallomonas (Chrysophyceae).
[supervisor: Pavel Škaloud]

Mgr. Jiří Lukeš
[jiriklu (at)]
Adaptive value of genome size variation of Zygnema (Zygnematophyceae) strains. [supervisor: Martina Pichrtová]

Veronica Malavasi, Ph.D.
[veronica.malavasi80 (at)]
Towards unravelling the real biodiversity of terrestrial green algae.
[supervisor: Pavel Škaloud]

Mgr. Daniel Mezník
[meznikdan (at)]
Interaction of plastic compounds with algal cells in the aquatic environment. [supervisor: Jiří Neustupa]

Mgr. Jan Ráček
[racekjan (at)]
Novel approaches to stress tolerance research in conjugating algae.
[supervisor: Martina Pichrtová]

Mgr. Pavel Svoboda  
[p.svoboda (at) ]
Diversity of desmids at multiple spatial and temporal scales.
[supervisor: Jana Kulichová]

Mgr. Zuzana Škvorová
[zuzka.vaiglova (at)] Unveiling the key factors determining the lichen symbiosis associations; population genetics of Chrysophyceae. [supervisor: Pavel Škaloud]

Mgr. Tereza Šoljaková  
[TesaS (at)]
Taxonomic study of the genus Zygnema (Zygnematophyceae). [supervisor: Jan Šťastný]

Mgr. Kateřina Tučková
[tuc.kacka (at)]
Adaptive function of silica scale microscopic patterns in response to the environment. [supervisor: Pavel Škaloud]

Mgr. Veronika Veselá
[v.vesela2 (at)]
Shedding light on symbiotic mysteries: Mechanisms of lichen dispersal and establishment. [supervisor: Pavel Škaloud]

Master Students

Bc. Natálie Čížková
[cizkova.natalie (at)]
Evolution of nuclear DNA content variation in the genus Mallomonas and its ecophysiological consequences. [supervisor: Dora Čertnerová]

Bc. Dominika Dbalá
[ (at)] Symmetry of green algal cells and their colonies resulting from adaptive phenotypic plasticity under planktonic life history. [Jiří Neustupa]

Bc. Jan Fiedler
[jan.fiedler (at)]
Dispersal of freshwater algae by waterfowl.
[supervisor: Pavel Škaloud]

Bc. Veronika Rubešová
[vercarubesova (at)]
Ecological and evolutionary significance of floral symmetry.
[supervisor: Jiří Neustupa]

Bachelor Students

Václav Cedrik Belza
[belzav (at)]
Acquisition of desiccation tolerance in algae.
[supervisor: Martina Pichrtová]

Bc. Dagmar Budd
[budddagmar (at)]
Abnormal shapes of diatom cells induced by elevated concentrations of toxic substances. [supervisor: Jana Kulichová]

Tea Františka Cleetonová
[cleetont (at)]
Communication of diatoms by pheromones.
[supervisor: Jana Kulichová]

Adléta Černá
[adleta.cerna (at)]
The importance of the priority effect in diatom community assembly.
[supervisor: Jana Kulichová]

Michaela Čuříková
[michaela-curikova (at)]
Phytoplankton defence strategies against predation and infection.
[supervisor: Jana Kulichová]

Klára Figallová
[klara.figallova (at)]
Fenotypová plasticita a morfogeneze desmídií (Desmidiales, Zygnematophyceae). [supervisor: Jiří Neustupa]

Zuzana Herciková
[zuzana.hercikova (at)]
Factors affecting the occurrence of rare protist species. [supervisor: Pavel Škaloud]

Anna Hrnčárová
[hrncaroa (at)]
Ecological dynamics and recent decline of autochthonous fucalean communities in the Mediterranean Sea. [supervisor: Jiří Neustupa]

Lenka Kicová
[kicoval (at)]
Marine green algae of the Codium lineage (Bryopsidales, Ulvophyceae) - evolution, diversity, distribution and ecology. [supervisor: Jiří Neustupa]

Martin Kivader
[kivaderm (at)]
Biology and ecological dynamics of Baltic Fucus belts.
[supervisor: Jiří Neustupa]

Jonáš Lis
[lisj (at)]
Food composition and feeding selectivity of zooplankton.
[supervisor: Pavel Škaloud]

Klára Musilová
[musilovkl (at)]
Lichens as pioneer organisms and their role in primary succession.
[supervisor: Lucie Vančurová]

Tereza Nováková
[novakovatereza8 (at)]
Palmelloid stage in algae, triggers and function.
[supervisor: Yvonne Němcová]

Elena Osipenko
[osipenke (at)]
Photosynthetically produced hydrogen
[supervisor: Yvonne Němcová]

Johanna Weber
[weberjo (zavinac)]
Šíření mikroskopických řas: význam antropogenních introdukcí.
[školitelka: Jana Kulichová]

Bc. Kateřina Zavadilová
[katkazavadil (at)]
Green coenobial algae of the family Hydrodictyaceae - diversity, phylogeny, ecology and phenotypic plasticity. [Jiří Neustupa]