Staff of the Phycology Research Group

Doc. Mgr. Pavel Škaloud, Ph.D.  
[skaloud (at)]; head of the Phycology Research Group
telephone: 221 951 648, second mezzanine, room no. 78
website link

Doc. RNDr. Yvonne Němcová, Ph.D.
[ynemcova (at)]
telephone: 221 951 647
second mezzanine, room no. 78

Doc. RNDr. Jiří Neustupa, Ph.D.  
[neustupa (at)]
telephone: 221 951 663, room no. 106
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Mgr. Jana Kulichová, Ph.D.  
[vesela6 (at)]
telephone: 221 951 647, second mezzanine, room no. 78
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RNDr. Martina Pichrtová, Ph.D.  
[martina.pichrtova (at)]
telephone: 221 951 663, room no. 106
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Mgr. Magda Škaloudová, Ph.D.
[magda.skaloudova (at)]
telephone: 221 951 648
second mezzanine, room no. 78

Mgr. Jan Šťastný, Ph.D.  f
[stetinac (at)]
telephone: 221 951 649
second mezzanine, room no. 81

Ph.D. Students

Mgr. Helena Bestová  
[helena.bestova (at)]
Processes structuring desmid (Desmidailes, Zygnematophyceae) communities – phylogenetic approach. [supervisor: Pavel Škaloud]

Mgr. Ivana Černajová 
[ivkacerka (at)]
The essentials of lichen symbiosis.
[supervisor: Pavel Škaloud]

Mgr. Dora Čertnerová  
[dora.certnerova (at)]
Population genetics of a model protist species Synura petersenii (Chrysophyceae). [supervisor: Pavel Škaloud]

Mgr. Iva Jadrná
[IvusJ (at)]
Reproductive isolation and population structure in Synura petersenii.
[supervisor: Pavel Škaloud]

Mgr. Michala Klimešová  
[michala.klimes0va (at)] Diversity and taxonomy of freshwater and subaerial members of Ulvales/Ulotrichales (Ulvophyceae, Chlorophyta) [supervisor: Pavel Škaloud]

Mgr. Kateřina Procházková  
[suri.kata (at)]
Phylogenetic diversity and ecology of subaerial chlorelloid microalgae.
[supervisor: Jiří Neustupa]

Mgr. Martin Pusztai  
[Pusztai (at)]
Elucidating the evolution and diversity of colonial chrysophytes. [supervisor: Pavel Škaloud]

Mgr. Tereza Gebouská  
[tereza.ridka (at)]
Molecular diversity and ecological differentiation of Asterochloris photobionts. [supervisor: Pavel Škaloud]

Mgr. Jana Steinová  
[jana.steinova (at)]
Diversity and phylogeny of symbiotic partners in red-fruited Cladonias and allied species. [supervisor: Pavel Škaloud]

Mgr. Pavel Svoboda  
[p.svoboda (at) ]
Diversity of desmids at multiple spatial and temporal scales.
[supervisor: Jana Kulichová]

Mgr. Tereza Šoljaková  
[TesaS (at)]
Taxonomic study of the genus Zygnema (Zygnematophyceae). [supervisor: Jan Šťastný]

Mgr. Anna Štifterová  
[ann.stifter (at)]
Spatial structure and diversity dynamics of corticolous microalgae.
[supervisor: Jiří Neustupa]

Mgr. Kateřina Trumhová  
[k.trumhova (at)] Seasonal dynamics of mats composed by conjugating green algae (Zygnematophyceae): Effect of abiotic and biotic stress. [supervisor: Martina Pichrtová]

Mgr. Pavla Urbánková  
[urbankovapavla (at)]
Genetic diversity within pennate diatoms: implications for ecology and taxonomy. [supervisor: Jana Kulichová]

Mgr. Zuzana Vaiglová
[zuzka.vaiglova (at)] Unveiling the key factors determining the lichen symbiosis associations; population genetics of Chrysophyceae. [supervisor: Pavel Škaloud]

Mgr. Lucie Vančurová  
[vancurova.l (at)]
Photobiont dynamics of Stereocaulon lichens.
[supervisor: Pavel Škaloud]

Mgr. Kateřina Woodard  
[katerina.hubackova (at)]
Quantitative shape analysis of diatom frustules: asymmetry, allometry and morphospace structure. [supervisor: Jiří Neustupa]

Mgr. Radka Zelená  
[radka.zelena (at)]
Ecological and taxonomic structure of subaerial green algal biofilms on needles of angiosperms. [supervisor: Jiří Neustupa]

Master Students

Bc. Jana Faturová
[jfaturova (at)]
Aquitaine (France) - silica‐scaled chrysophytes' biodiversity hotspot.
[supervisor: Yvonne Němcová]

Bc. Andrea Hanousková
[andrea.hanouskova (at)] What are the effects of ombro-minerotrophic transition in Central European peatlands on structure and dynamics of microalgal communities? [supervisor: Jiří Neustupa]

Bc. Eva Kupčíková  
[EvaKupcikova (at)]
Hidden diversity within the Euastrum humerosum / didelta (Desmidiales) species complex. [supervisor: Jan Šťastný]

Petra Mušálková
[petramuschalek (at)]
Adaptive functions of algal resting stages with emphasis on the chrysophyte stomatocysts. [supervisor: Yvonne Němcová]

Jan Rosa [hoka12 (at)]
The host specificity of fungal desmid parasites and the influence of abiotic factors on the course of their infection.
[supervisor: Jan Šťastný]

Bc. Marie Škvorová  
[skvorova.marie (at)]
Species competition within desmid communities.
[supervisor: Pavel Škaloud]

Bc. Kateřina Vrbová  
[vrbova.katerin (at)]
The diversity of diatom genera: relationship to genetic variability within the genus Frustulia and the role of geography. [Jana Kulichová]

Bachelor Students

Petra Červienková 
[cervienkovapetra (at)]
Barium and strontium in cells of streptophyte green algae.
[supervisor: Jiří Neustupa]

Terezie Fajfrová [terka.fajfrova (at)]
Life cycle, production of carotenoids and lipids in Chromochloris zofingiensis (Sphaeropleales, Chlorophyceae).
[supervisor: Yvonne Němcová]

Lucie Mauelová
[lucie.mauleova (at)]
Ecological biomonitoring of peatlands - the NCV index, acidification and eutrophication. [supervisor: Jiří Neustupa]

Veronika Rubešová
[vercarubesova (at)]
Ecological and evolutionary significance of floral symmetry.
[supervisor: Jiří Neustupa]

Lucie Žížalová
[zizalovaLucik (at)]
Distribution and diversity of freshwater rhodophytes.
[supervisor: Jiří Neustupa]