Our group explores various topics of plant evolutionary biology and systematics. We are especially interested in the evolution and ecology of plant polyploids, contemporary and historical plant migrations, processes and interactions in plant populations, evolution in world centres of biodiversity, evolutionary dynamics of genome size changes, and the evolution of plant reproductive strategies. We also intensively study rare and threatened plants of the Czech flora. We aim to learn about its diversity and identify the threats that it faces. The results of our research are applicable, for example, in nature conservation, agriculture or pharmacology.

Bachelor, master and postgraduate students participate in research projects as part of their theses. During their studies, students learn a diverse array of both field and laboratory methods, including the processing, evaluation and presentation of data. Our research combines varying proportions of field and laboratory/experimental approaches, depending on the study topic. Students enjoy not only the opportunity to work with modern molecular and cytogenetic equipment, but also ample time doing research outdoors.

We provide general botanical lectures as well as specialized courses in biosystematics and evolutionary biology. An important part of our curriculum are domestic and international field trips.

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