Jiří Neustupa


Associate professor at Department of Botany, Faculty of Science, Charles University Prague



Research fields


Phenotypic plasticity and geometric morphometrics of algae


Taxonomy and phylogeny of green algae


Community structure of phototrophic subaerial biofilms


Phytobenthos ecology in peatlands



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Phenotypic plasticity and geometric morphometrics of algae


NEUSTUPA, J. & ŠASTNÝ, J. (2018): Symmetry breaking of the cellular lobes closely relates to phylogenetic structure within green microalgae of the Micrasterias lineage (Zygnematophyceae). - PeerJ 6: e6098. [PDF]

NEUSTUPA, J. & NĚMCOVÁ, Y. (2018): Morphological allometry constrains symmetric shape variation, but not asymmetry, of Halimeda tuna (Bryopsidales, Ulvophyceae) segments. - Plos One 13: e0206492. [PDF]

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WOODARD, K. & NEUSTUPA, J. (2016): Morphometric asymmetry of frustule outlines in the pennate diatom Luticola poulickovae (Bacillariophyceae). - Symmetry 8: 150, doi:10.3390/sym8120150. [PDF]

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Taxonomy and phylogeny of green algae


PROCHÁZKOVÁ, K.; NĚMCOVÁ, Y. & NEUSTUPA, J. (2018): Phyllosiphon duini sp. nov. (Trebouxiophyceae, Chlorophyta), a species isolated from a corticolous phototrophic biofilm. - Cryptogamie Algologie 39: 23-34. [PDF]

PROCHÁZKOVÁ, K.; NĚMCOVÁ, Y. & NEUSTUPA, J. (2016): Phyllosiphon ari sp. nov. (Watanabea clade, Trebouxiophyceae), a new parasitic species isolated from leaves of Arum italicum (Araceae). - Phytotaxa 283: 143-154. [PDF]

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Community structure of phototrophic subaerial biofilms


ŠTIFTEROVÁ, A. & NEUSTUPA, J. (2017): Small-scale variation of corticolous microalgal covers: Effects of microhabitat, season, and space. - Phycological Research 65: 299-311. [PDF - journal website] [PDF - final accepted version]

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Phytobenthos ecology in peatlands


MUTINOVÁ, P.T.; NEUSTUPA, J.; BEVILACQUA, S. & TERLIZZI, A. (2016): Host specificity of epiphytic diatom (Bacillariophyceae) and desmid (Desmidiales) communities. - Aquatic Ecology 50: 697-709. [PDF]

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Other topics


NEUSTUPA, J. (2018): Algologie a protistologie na Německé univerzitě v Praze v meziválečném období II. Ernst Georg Pringsheim a Institut pro rostlinnou fyziologii. - Dějiny věd a techniky 51/3: 169-196. [PDF]

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KALINA, T.; NĚMCOVÁ, Y. & NEUSTUPA, J. (2000): Silica-scaled chrysophytes of the Czech Republic 1. District Česká Lípa (Northern Bohemia) and part of the Central Bohemia. – Arch. Hydrobiol./Algological Studies 96: 29-47.

NĚMCOVÁ, Y.; KALINA, T.; NEUSTUPA, J. & NOVÁKOVÁ, S. (2000): Scale-bearing chrysophyte Mallomonas calceolus Bradley a new record from Czech Republic.- Novit. Bot. Univ. Carol. 13: 7-11. [PDF]

NEUSTUPA, J. (1998): Prasiola crispa (Lightfoot) Meneghini in King`s preserve in Prague. - Novit. Bot. Univ. Carol. 12: 35-39. [PDF]




Postgraduates (Ph.D.)

Pre-graduates (Mgr. / MSc.)

Anna Štifterová

Andrea Hanousková

Kateřina Woodard

 Veronika Rubešová

Kateřina Procházková


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Postgraduates (Ph.D.)

Graduation year

Pre-graduates (Mgr. / MSc.)

Graduation year

Jan Šastný


Edith Buchtová 2017

Jana Kulichová


Kateřina Jirková 2017

Ondřej Peksa


Petra Mutinová 2015

Kateřina Černá


Radka Nováková


Pavel Škaloud


Tereza Poláčková


Anna Štifterová


Renata Svátková


Katarína Nemjová




Jan Hodač




Jana Veselá (Kulichová)




Magda Řezáčová (Škaloudová)




Lucie Ošlejšková




Pavel Škaloud




Lenka Šejnohová





Botany of Non-vascular Plants / Botanika bezcévných rostlin

(together with David Svoboda)


[presentations from lectures in 2018/2019: Cyanobacteria (sinice), [Glaucophyta+]Rhodoplantae, SAR1, SAR2, Viridiplantae1, Viridiplantae2, Lišejníky1, Lišejníky2, Mechorosty1, Mechorosty2]

[presentations from practises in 2018/2019: Cyanobacteria+Glaucophyta, Rhodophyta, SAR1, SAR2, Viridiplantae1, Viridiplantae2, Viridiplantae3]




Ecology of Cyanobacteria and Algae / Ekologie sinic a řas

(together with Linda Nedbalová)

[presentations from lectures in 2018/2019: microalgal distribution, microphytobenthos, freshwater biomonitoring, distribution and ecology of seaweeds_1distribution and ecology of seaweeds_2, marine biomonitoring]




Marine Phycology Course / Kurz mořské algologie

(together with Yvonne Němcová)


KMA 2019 - informační letáček / flyer

prezentace ze semináře

rozdělení projektů

makrořasy - R

makrořasy - B, G



gallery of past MPCs




Phycology I

(together with Pavel Škaloud, Yvonne Němcová and Jana Kulichová)

[lectures on Phaeophyceae]




Phycology II

(together with Pavel Škaloud, Yvonne Němcová and Jana Kulichová)

[lectures on Glaucophyta+red algae, Cladophorales+Trentepohliales]





Geometric morphometrics



Personal data


* 8-th April 1976, Rakovník, former Czechoslovakia

Nationality: Czech


State: married (daughters Taána - * 2004, Anežka - * 2007, Ludmila - * 2010)




Editorial duties and manuscript reviews


Editor of Nova Hedwigia for non-diatom microalgal groups (i.e. green algae, chrysophytes, dinoflagellates, euglenoids).


Member of the editorial boards of Plant Ecology and Evolution, Preslia, and Fottea


Reviews of manuscripts for Hydrobiologia, American Journal of Botany, Planta, Phycological Research, Preslia, Fottea, Nova Hedwigia, Diatom Research, Biologia, European Journal of Phycology, Journal of Phycology, Cryptogamie Algologie, BMC Evolutionary Biology, Algal Research, Algological Studies, Folia Geobotanica, Geobiology, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, New Zealand Journal of Botany, Nordic Journal of Botany, Geomicrobiology, Plos One, Phytotaxa, Journal of Plant Research, Geobiology, Protist, Phycologia, Brazilian Journal of Botany.



Kurz mořské algologie / Marine Phycology Course (galerie / gallery)



(Marine Biology Station, Piran, Slovenia)

galerie 1, galerie 2, galerie 3



(Marine Biology Station, Piran, Slovenia)

galerie 1, galerie 2, galerie 3



(Biologische Station Hiddensee, Germany)

galerie 1, galerie 2, galerie 3



(Marine Biology Station, Piran, Slovenia)

galerie 1, galerie 2, galerie 3



(Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark)

galerie 1, galerie 2



(Marine Biology Station, Piran, Slovenia)

galerie 1, galerie 2



(Poulsker, Bornholm, Denmark)