• <em>Klebsormidium flaccidum</em>   
  • <em>Mallomonas intermedia</em>   
  • <em>Asterochloris</em> chloroplasts   
  • <em>Synura synuroidea</em>   
  • <em>Vulcanochloris guanchorum</em>   
  • <em>Mallomonas caudata</em>   
  • <em>Scotinosphaera gibberosa</em>   
  • <em>Chrysocapsa</em>   
  • <em>Synura uvella</em>   

Algal speciation & evolution lab

Our research concentrates on the discovery and characterization of freshwater, terrestrial, and symbiotic microalgal diversity. We are fundamentally interested in the evolution of morphological and ecological traits within the closely related species. By combination of molecular, morphological, and ecophysiological methods, we aim to understand the mechanisms that have generated and distributed the diversity of eukaryotic microorganisms. In addition, we investigate the role of these microorganisms in shaping the mutualistic interactions in lichen associations. The main algal groups we work on include freshwater silica-scaled chrysophytes (the genera Synura and Mallomonas), terrestrial green algae (the genus Klebsormidium), and lichen symbionts (the genus Asterochloris).

We are a member of the DEMON research consortium.


Long term objectives

  • Evolution, morphological diversification and biogeography of evolutionary young species complexes
  • The symbiotic associations in lichens
  • Ecological drivers of speciation
  • Diversity and species concept of several algal groups (terrestrial and symbiotic green algae, desmids, silica-scaled chrysophytes)



Pavel Škaloud
Department of Botany
Charles University in Prague
Benatska 2, CZ-12801, Praha 2, Czech Republic
tel. +420-221-951-648, fax +420-221-951-645