• <em>Klebsormidium flaccidum</em>   
  • <em>Mallomonas intermedia</em>   
  • <em>Asterochloris</em> chloroplats   
  • <em>Synura synuroidea</em>   
  • <em>Vulcanochloris guanchorum</em>   
  • <em>Mallomonas caudata</em>   
  • <em>Scotinosphaera gibberosa</em>   
  • <em>Chrysocapsa</em>   
  • <em>Synura uvella</em>   


Silica-scaled chrysophytes of Europe


The silica-scaled chrysophytes are unicellular flagellates, representing an important part of the freshwater phytoplankton. They may form the majority of phytoplankton in oligotrophic freshwater lakes and ponds. Knowledge of the occurrence of chrysophytes and of their ecological ranges is useful for monitoring the status of water bodies and changes in their water quality. These organisms have species-specific silica structures (scales and bristles), used for accurate identification at the species level. An internet database of the European silica-scaled chrysophytes has been developed to store microphotographs and sampling data (including geographical coordinates, pH, conductivity and temperature values), and to provide access to the data to all people who are interested. The database currently holds information about the distribution and ecology of 204 species and infraspecific taxa, based on more than 7,500 entries. For each species listed in the database, a photo gallery, a list of all records, and a distribution map are provided, and are automatically updated with each new entry. For those species with more than 20 records, their distribution frequencies in relation to gradients in pH, conductivity, and temperature are also shown. Continual addition of newly published and as yet unpublished data is planned.

We actively invite everybody who is interested in Chrysophyte biogeography, ecology and taxonomy to participate in this database!

Scientific grant projects

Grant Agency of Charles University: Uncovering the mysteries of the formation of lichen symbioses and the changes in the diversity of their photobionts.
Grant Agency of Charles University: Evolution of mechanical resistance of siliceous scales in the genus Mallomonas.
Czech Science Foundation: Understanding the genetic basis of protist speciation.
Czech Science Foundation: Beauty in the glass: Towards understanding the morphological complexity of chrysophyte siliceous scales.
Grant Agency of Charles University: Sexual compatibility and population differentiation of freshwater algae Synura petersenii (Chrysophyceae, Heterokontophyta).
Grant Agency of Charles University: Cladonia luteoalba - an enigmatic Cladonia.
Primus Research Programme of Charles University: A new research group of lichen symbiosis.
Grant Agency of Charles University: Photobionts of the lichens growing on the river gravel bars – symbiosis on the border of wet/dry habitats.
The internal project of NIVA (Norway): Analysis of flagellate Uroglenopsis.
Grant Agency of Charles University: Diversity and taxonomy of freshwater and subaerial members of Ulvales/Ulotrichales (Ulvophyceae, Chlorophyta).
Grant Agency of Charles University: Elucidating the evolution and diversity of Uroglena-like colonial chrysophytes.
Grant Agency of Charles University: Substrate specificity, ecophysiology and microhabitat microscale structuring of the green alga Klebsormidium (Klebsormidiophyceae, Streprophyta).
Grant Agency of Charles University: Photobiont diversity in the lichen genus Stereocaulon in Canary Islands, description of a new lineage within the class Trebouxiophyceae.
Grant Agency of Charles University: Phylogenetic structure of desmid communities.
Czech Science Foundation: Hidden diversity in the genus Synura (Stramenopiles): quantifying diversity and organizing functional properties in a meaningful fashion.
EU 7th Framework Programme: Development of an innovative, completely automated antifouling test system for professional examinations of marine coatings.
Higher Education Development Fund: Educational algal web-database of silica-scaled chrysophytes.
Grant Agency of Charles University: Population dynamics in desmids (Zygnematophyceae, Streptophyta) on small spatial scale.
AKTION Czech Republic - Austria (bilateral cooperation in sciences at university level): Symbiotic selection arenas in lichens.
Czech Science Foundation: Species concept and molecular diversity of green aerophytic algae.
Grant Agency of Charles University: Phylogeny and taxonomy of aerophytic green algae from the morphologically defined family Radiococcaceae.
Grant Agency of Charles University: Confocal microscopy and phylogeny of lichenized Trebouxia species.